Nuclear Power is Not Green or Clean
The nuclear industry is now trying to change negative public perceptions of nuclear power by promoting itself as the solution to global climate change.

Piketon Ohio's troubled past - factory created secret dump, and set own rules

Greenspan's mission is to join communities and businesses in strengthening environmental sustainability for scientific and economic advancement.


May 23, 2007: 30 minute television interview hosted by Dave Kraft of Nuclear Energy Information Service of Chicago, with guests Shaun Burnie (European nuclear waste consultant) and Aileen Mioko Smith (of Green Action in Kyoto, Japan) on the many risks of commercial nuclear waste reprocessing under the Bush Administration's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership proposal.

Vina Colley, former Portsmouth OH Uranium Enrichment Plant worker, now sick.

NUCLEAR REPROCESSING: Dangerous, Dirty, & Expensive  Why Extracting Plutonium from Spent Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is a Bad Idea.

Risky Appropriations: Gambling US Energy Policy on GNEP - The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. 

NUKE NEWS: Read more about nuclear power.


Our Flora ID Project will provide experts to help identify plants, animals, and insets, so people can contact a poison control center with the necessary information to get the assistance they need.


The Amazon The Amazon is home to about 400 unique Amerindian cultures, half of the world's species, and plays a key role in the global climate cycle.

Amazon Region Protected Areas
ARPA is a ten year effort to save an additional 33% of the Amazon.

Why We Need ARPA
Creating National Parks
New Amazon Reserve
ARPA RESERVES  View a list of reserves.

Pharmacy to the World  We are losing 137 species every day. Why should we care because plants have complex chemicals that contain  potential medical cures.

Plant DNA Bank Opens in Brazil

Record Drought Cripples the Amazon
Drought Fire Threaten the Amazon.


Fires Transform the Amazon 
Satellites Provides Rapid Response
Brazil Takes Action.
Only 53% of the Amazon Remains Intact
Over 10,000 Sq Miles Cleared
Are Rainforests Worth Saving?

Dener Giovanini fights the third largest illegal business in the world - animal trafficking.

Animal Smuggling

Amazon deforestation is one of the biggest sources of  CO2 pollution.

Juan Carlos Antezana
rescues street children, and rehabilitates Amazon wildlife.



Pressing Issue  How can we look our children and grandchildren in the eye, and say that when we were kids we loved the pandas, lions and whales, but then as grownups we destroyed them?

Largest mass extinction in 65 million years underway, scientists say

Ohio Nun Killed Protecting the  Amazon Rainforest    


Eden Is Engineered  
People are reshaping the planet (PDF File).

Libia Grueso
led a campaign that secured 5.9 million acres in Pacific rainforest.


Global Warming Slide Show
An Inconvenient Truth
Scientific Consensus

Global Warming   With the exception of another world war, a giant asteroid, or a plague, global warming may be the largest threat to our planet.

Global Warming Underestimated

Inhabited island has been completely submerged as a result of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Polar Bears to Become Threatened

Ice Shelf Breaks Free in the Artic

ExxonMobil spends millions misrepresenting the science of global warming. (PDF File)

Kyoto Protocol
US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Escape from the Amazon Study the cycle of carbon dioxide in the Amazon rainforest.

Pollution Causes 40% Of Deaths Worldwide, Study Finds


Largest Environmental Experiment

New Study by NASA
Report on Climate Change - (PDF)
The Stern Review - (PDF File)
Effects of Acid Rain

The Waste Exchange Program reduces waste, and increases profit.

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