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PLAN TO SAVE THE AMAZON  President Cardoso of Brazil signed an agreement to preserve 1/3rd of the Amazon.

TUMUCUMAQUE    (too-moo-koo-mah-kay) was the first ARPA reserve. It's four times the size of Yellowstone.

NEW AMAZON RESERVE The creation of Chandless State Park is larger than the state of  Delaware.

Brazil Takes Action.

Forest Clings on in Brazil   A few hotspots hold the key to saving endangered species.

Are Rainforests Worth Saving?

THE AMAZON   is home to over half of the world's species. It's the lungs of the planet, and the pharmacy of the world.

The Inti Wara Yassi project in Bolivia was created to protect and rehabilitation animals. The name is coined from three Indian languages meaning sun, moon, and star in the Quechua, Aymara and Guarani languages.

The organization was founded in 1992 by Juan Carlos Antezana. The organization was founded to teach poor and orphaned children how to support themselves and their families. He took the children on many trips around Bolivia where they saw the devastation caused by the impact of man upon nature (deforestation and animal abuse). He and the children decided to take action, so they founded their first animal refuge in Parque Machia in Villa Tunari near Cochabamba.

Most of the animals in the refuge have been bought on the black market, and many of them are endangered. They have often been kept in small cages, with little or no protection from the elements. Many are malnourished, and some are badly abused.

The refuge is run by Tania Baltazar (Nena), and several other permanent Bolivian volunteers. They are aided by nonpermanent volunteers who come from all over the world for a minimum of two weeks. Volunteers care for animals, clean and build cages, prepare food, tend to sick animals, create new trails, and give explanations to tourists.

In 2001 the Parque Ambue Ari refuge was founded. It's in the north of the country in a village called Santa Maria near Guayaros.

Today there are has branches of this project in North America, England, Switzerland, and Israel, all founded and run by volunteers of the animal refuge.

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