The Apui Mosaic (see map) covers a territory that is slightly less than the size of Belgium. It consists of nine inter-connected conservation areas that fulfill various management objectives and afford different levels of protection — two state parks emphasizing nature protection, four state forests focusing on sustainable forest management, and three extractive and sustainable use reserves.

We have not inherited the world from our forefathers--we have borrowed it from our children.

-Kashmiri, proverb







Amapa Strict Use Protected Area 3,886,000 39,000
PN Serra da Cotia (RO) Strict Use Protected Area 280,000 2,800
Rebio Uatumã (AM) Strict Use Protected Area 943,000 9,400
Manicoré State Forest   Strict Use Protected Area 171,300  
Sucunduri State Park   Strict Use Protected Area 1,006,350  
Guariba State Park   Strict Use Protected Area 72,296  
Apuí State Forest   Strict Use Protected Area 286,161  
Aripuanã State Forest   Strict Use Protected Area 369,337  
Sucunduri State Forest   Strict Use Protected Area 545,163  
Resex Cazumbá-Iracema Acre Sustainable Development 750,794 7,500
Resex Rio Jutaí (AM) Sustainable Development 275,532 2,700
Resex Baixo Juruá (AM) Sustainable Development 187,982 1,900
Resex Auati-Paraná (AM) Sustainable Development 146,950 1,500
Resex Barreiro das Antas (RO) Sustainable Development 107,234 1,000
Resex Rio Cautário (RO) Sustainable Development 73,817 738
Aripuanã   Sustainable Development 260,380  
Bararati   Sustainable Development 153,083  
Guariba   Sustainable Development 180,904  
Piagaçu-Purus Amazonas Sustainable Development 2.5 million acres  
Catuá-Ipixuna Extractive Reserve   Sustainable Development    
Cujubim   Sustainable Development    
Samaúma State Park        
Cuieras State Park        
Rio Urubu State Forest        
Chandless State Park Acre   2,600 square miles  
Verde Para Sempre and Riozinho do Anfrisio reserves Para   2 million hectares  

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